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    For people who were there, somewhere between 1975 and 1984, or those who have rediscovered this era of great music. This site contains great Australian indie/alternative vinyl that was either financed by the bands themselves or by some of the ground breaking, risk taking small record businesses of this time.

    "Inner City Sound describes the years 1976-1981 of punk/post-punk music in Australia. The Inner City Sound is a distinct movement towards an Australian rock of its own invention and identity." Clinton Walker, from his book of the same name, originhally published by Wild & Woolley Pty Ltd 1982.
    This site takes its name from and is inspired by Clinton Walker's book but not formally linked to him or the book

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    The classic document of punk and postpunk music in Australia
    Inner City Sound
    edited by Clinton Walker
    paperback, 192 pages, with 285 photographs   ISBN: 1-891241-18-4

    The bands that emerged from the punk scene of the late 1970s in Australia, including the Saints, the Birthday Party, Radio Birdman and the Go-Betweens are among the most important bands of their time. Inner City Sound is the classic documentary account of the explosive development of that scene in the inner cities of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. Fanzine and newspaper articles, illustrated by 285 photographs, vividly portray the creative ferment of the period and the dozens of bands that sprang up in the wake of the punk pioneers, including the Scientists, Severed Heads, Hunters and Collectors and many more.

    Inner City Sound was first published in Australia in late 1981 as the postpunk scene was approaching its zenith, but soon fell out of print. Yet it became so sought after over the years that it has been bootlegged like the rare singles listed in its discography, and its influence was so seminal that it helped shape the Australian indie rock scene of the following decade.

    With this new edition, Inner City Sound is now in print officially for the first time in over 20 years and for the first time ever outside Australia. What's more, original editor Clinton Walker has added an additional 32 pages of articles and photographs, taking the story through to 1985, a period in which the careers of Nick Cave, the Go-Betweens and the Triffids, for example, began to flourish internationally.

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    To coincide with this new edition, a double CD of classic music from the period, INNER CITY SOUNDTRACK, will be released in Australia by Laughing Outlaw Records. Copies will be available elsewhere from Verse Chorus Press or through the usual import channels. tracklist.

    Inner City Sound is a 2CD set stand-alone companion piece to the cult book of the same name. Produced and annotated by Clinton Walker and re-mastered by the master himself, Don Bartley ? and including an extraordinary hand-drawn fold-out family tree poster ? Inner City Sound provides proof positive that Australia contributed as much as anyone to the D-I-Y revolution of the late 70s/early 80s: Over forty tracks, restored to a virgin vinyl glory, that still ring fresh and true, a mix of classics and rarities, many appearing on CD for the first time. Bristling with urgency and originality, this is an instant classic twenty years in the making.